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Clinical Documentation Assessment

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Customized and flexible training solutions to help ensure accurate reimbursement, compliance and adoption of new concepts for ICD-10 documentation.

Individualized Self-paced Training Tools for Physicians and Staff

Health Care Answer provides simple, effective, and affordable training tools that teach documentation techniques necessary to improve reimbursement for coding under ICD-9 and ICD-10 and can help identify areas of relevant compliance concerns.

Medical Coding Industry Experts

Health Care Answer’s staff of certified and experienced trainers teach the documentation techniques necessary to improve reimbursement. They can help coders to know what to look for to support different levels of severity and depth of care. They assist physicians in clarifying and identifying the requirements for precise and complete documentation. They can also train on relevant compliance concerns.

Improve Cash Flow

Not only are we accurate, but we are fast too! Our coding and billing services speed up the reimbursement process while eliminating the number of unpaid or denied claims. Because we have extensive experience in addressing nearly any problem that could affect your financial health, we are able to quickly overcome obstacles so you are paid more quickly.

Compliance And More Accurate Reimbursement

Ensure accurate reimbursement

Improve compliance

Improve levels of specificity and accuracy

Decrease denials

Improve coding skills

Adjust to ICD-10 documentation

Produce cleaner claims

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